5 Winning Strategies or Ways to Improve Your Facebook Ads

As more and more people discover the value of Facebook ads the popularity continue to increase. Nevertheless, you would be  spending your money unnecessarily of you do not use these display ads correctly.

Let’s look at 5 Winning Strategies or ways to improve your Facebook ads.

#1 Create & Test Various Ad Versions

It is essential that you create different version of your ad with minor changes in the design, pattern, text and so on. As soon as you have created these variations you have to run your test ads for duration of time. This is a means of knowing which ads are having most impact and reach on your target audience.

#2 Run the Ads for The Correct Period of Time

It is not advisable to take your ads down just because they are not performing as expected. There is what is called ‘ad fatigue,’ which every Facebook ads will definitely undergo that will lead to a decline in CTR. This occurs due to the fact that users have already seen your ad, so it loses its impact. In order for you to revise, recycle, remove your ads to get the most out of them it is needful that you constantly assess the ROI on your ads. Immediately you noticed your  CTR is droping in performance that is the time to change your ads.

#3 Use Low-Friction Conversion

Ensure that you have a ‘single call to action’ on your landing page because Facebook ads drives users to your site. The use of single call to action helps in converting high number of people, If you have more than one single call tо асtіоn уоur соnvеrѕіоn rаtе wіll ѕtаrt drоріng.

#4 Drive Traffic to a Landing Page That’s Been Optimized

Traffic should be directed from your Facebook ad to your landing page so that you can capture leads. Remember to ensure that your ads is going directly to your site page and let your potential customer know what action is expected of them. If this is incorrectly done you will be spending moneyon ads  unnecessarily.

#5 Don’t Drive Traffic to a Sales Page

It is not ideal to drive traffic to your sales page. If you do that people will click the back button faster than you can ever imagine. What you need to do is to offer them something they can sign up for such as  newsletter, something of value  for free and in exchange have them sign up. Once you offer your prospects something of high value for free that will be of help to them, your next step will be to work towards  convert ing them to a paying customer.

Take advantage of these 5 winning strategies or ways to Improve Your Facebook Ads and see what they can do for you!

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Facebook Ads:Do You Know How to Create Profitable Facebook Ads?

To create a Facebook ad is not actually difficult but quite simple. Nevertheless, creating a Facebook ad that is really profitable require  a little bit of skill and savvy. If you know exactly what the social media experts do you will discover that it is not difficult.

You may desire to increase or expand your fan base by promoting your post in such a way that it will have a longer life through the feeds of your fans, reaching the friends of your fans as well as all those people that are not fans. Because not all of  your potential customers are currently your fans, it, therefore, means that promotion is the key.

There is no doubt that keywords are the excellent way to target your audience.  To improve your visibility and appearance you should focus on the right keywords. Endeavor to use words that are related that will give you an edge over your competitors.

Always remember to split test your ads. To do this there is a powerful tool known as Facebook Power Editor.  Make a duplicate copy as you create your ads so that you can test variations of your original ad. Conduct your test with different copies, headlines, and рісturеѕ. After 100 сlісk еасh ad wіll drор оff аnd the one with the lowest CTR will create a new ad to try аgаіnѕt уоur control аd. Ensure that you target your CTR

You should know that Facebook ads are display ads, that means you will not see them shown in Google. As a result, your  average click-through rate (CTR) is much lower at only 0.1% compared to 1% with a Google ad. Do not just focus only on CPC but you need to actually target CTR because the higher your CTR thе lower уоu will рау оn CPC mаkіng уоur project more affordable and of a higher value.

For your Facebook ad campaign your need to set a daily budget. To avoid unexpected charges on your credit card you should make sure you set your maximum for the day. Look at the lowest recommended bit and bid a few cents above it.  Over time work at improving your ads and CTR.

It is needful to figure out the best time to run your ads because if you are able to figure out what peak time is you can stop and start your ads accordingly. Some users like checking Facebook during work hours, during launch and others at a  more convenient time.  There is always a peak time but it differs from one company/industry to another.

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Why Yоu Shоuld Crеаtе a Thrеѕhоld for Yоur Fасеbооk Ad

Facebook ads as a form of advertising is increasingly becoming very popular because of its effectiveness.
However, if care is not taken you will be so surprise on discovering that your Facebook ads bill within couple of days has ran into hundreds of dollars. This is the reason you must ensure you create a click through rate threshold.
Moreover, some ads certainly will outperform other ads. Therefore, one of the things you would not want to happen is to spend your money on ads that have poor performance. Obviously, this a good reason for you have a click through rate threshold in place for all Facebook ad campaign.

For instance, let’s pretend that you created ad campaign to get more people to your page in order to increase your fans at the cost of $0.30 per fan. Then at the minimum, the ad generated 3 fans and at the maximum bid was 21 fans and  assuming that all of your clicks were converted to likes.
This means that the cost per fan ranges between $0.65 and $5.60 and you will discover that majority of them were at the highest end. The outcome would be to kill the ad for poor performance. If you had created a Facebook ad threshold you would have spent far much less.

It is needful that you determine the click through rate that you are comfortable with and thereafter do away with any of your ads that is performing below standard.
You will not forget in a hurry that when you set up your Facebook ad campaign you made available your credit card information with authorization to charge you credit card. Therefore, it is essential that you should know from the onset what you may be charged by creating a Facebook click through rate threshold.

Bringing visitors to your Facebook page, your website, running of promotion among others are made possible by Facebook ad campaigns. You are admonished to learn and understand how Facebook ads works to enable you have favorable experience that will make you have tremendous benefits of Facebook ad campaign. If you fail to learn and understand Facebook ad campaign and how it works, you will stand the risk of a very high charge.


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