How To Be Super Affiliate

How To Be Super Affiliate
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And make the most money with only 11% effort.

Technique #1: Be a “BUM”

Unless you’ve been hiding out under a rock for the last several years, BUM marketing is the number one pick for a lot of beginner and advanced affiliate marketers.

Basically, the BUM marketing technique is about authoring articles on your niche topic and posting them to article directories. These

articles get scooped up by the major search engines like Google high in the search results related to your keyword choice.

The mystery to BUM marketing dwells in the keywords. Essentially, you need to discover keywords or keyword phrases that a high number of individuals are seeking on search engines which have modest competition or a low number of pages in the search results.

Beneficial keyword phrases are ones that have approximately a hundred searches monthly but less than 100,000 pages in the search results on the search engines.

This is how a good BUM marketing affiliate marketing campaign would go….

Let’s suppose you’re into “World of Warcraft” and you would like to sell a product about it. So you go to Clickbank to get hold of a product to promote. A “World of Warcraft” guidebook. There are bunches of these guides so it means individuals are purchasing them. (Naturally, the niche and product you pick can be anything; I’m just utilizing this one as an illustration.)

Next, you go over to and feel out what individuals are searching for on the search engines about “World of Warcraft”. Note that “World of Warcraft” is a.k.a. “WOW” so include that in your tests also.

A quick look will show that there are over 10000 searches for the term “World of Warcraft” and I understand without looking that there are going to be 1000000s of pages in the search results in the search engines for that term.

So let’s go farther down the list.

Remember, I want a keyword string that bears approximately a hundred searches a month. So I discovered this one: “world of Warcraft hacks” which has around 100 searches per month.

Then go to Google and search for the term “world of Warcraft hacks” to ascertain how many pages turn up in the search results. These other pages are your competitors so the smaller the better. there are about 700,000 other pages listed for the term “world of Warcraft

hacks”. Not bad.

But try “wow hacks”. Gets about 100 searches a month at the keyword site. So go to Google again… The results, only about 400,000 pages. Even better!

So we choose “wow hacks” as our keyword. It has the numbers we’re seeking and the term is absolutely related to what we want to sell, a “World of Warcraft” guide. Now all you have to do is author material containing your keywords “wow hacks” in the title and throughout the body of the content and post them to article directories.

Don’t overuse the keywords (keyword spamming) as this will damage your search engine rating and might get it rejected by the article sites.

Submit your articles to article directories. Your affiliate link goes in the resource box at the finish of your article. Add a little bit about yourself or your website and a link to your site. This can be your own site or your affiliate link.

NOTE: doesn’t allow a direct affiliate link, but that doesn’t matter. Continue reading about blogging and hub pages etc. to see how to bypass this. Most other article directories let you place a direct affiliate link in however make certain to study their terms of service first.

Technique # 2: Blog and Ping


You gotta love blogs! I’m not going to consume your time telling you all the dandy things about blogs or why they’re beneficial or why you require one. All you need to recognize is that you need one if you want to stand any chance of attaining income with affiliate marketing.

These days, everybody has a blog. So, if you’ve been hiding out under that rock again and don’t have yourself a blog so far, you had better get going over to or and get yourself a free blog.

But before you thrust up just any old generic blog, consider your purpose for it. Is it to market you? Is it to market a certain product? Is it to provide info on one certain niche topic? Is it going to be a news blog? A review blog? Pick your purpose 1st, then go and produce a blog. The idea comes 1st, then the blog.

 The riskiest thing you can do is hold a non-focused blog and barf up content in between all kinds of ads and banners and blinking lights. Visitors will be out of there fast.

So, you’ve got your tightly targeted blog……now what? This is where the merriment starts! Once you’ve selected your blog’s theme, the 1stthing you want is beneficial relevant material for your blog.

Remember those articles you composed and submitted to article directories? Place them on your blog. After that, you likely have a bunch of PLR articles on your computers also. PLR articles are a beneficial beginning point as you should rescript them as best you are able to before posting them. The search engines will reward you for unique material.

The chief thing is to add beneficial related content. Then you can add your affiliate links throughout the material. 

Stick in your affiliate links by hyper-linking some powerful keywords as your anchor text.

As the visitor scans and likes what he/she is reading, they’ll naturally click on your links to recommended products/offers, etc.

Use some words of your choice that become a clickable link. So rather than a raw link, words will be clickable.

Don’t stress too much about this as with the free Blogger and WordPress blogs, you can easily stick in hyperlinks in the material with a few clicks on the mouse with their rich content editors.

You might also want to add banner ads to your blog. Banner ads are just hyperlinked images. So when your visitor clicks on the image, they’re sent on automatically to the page that image links to, your affiliate offer!

The best place to add your banners is higher up. That is, the very top first part of your blog your visitor will see when they come to your website. The top is your “Income space”! More individuals will see the top fold than any other place on your page.

Update your blog with new content regularly and ping it! In brief, “pinging” is a way to tell other sites that your blog has been updated with new material. You should try to update your blog with new content at least weekly.

The search engines love blogs with fresh material. After you update it, ping it! You can use free multiple ping services to send pings.

Next is to submit your blogs fresh material to content sharing/voting sites. The biggest one would have to be You can submit news too but just make sure your material is quality or they won’t admit it.

A different way to market your blog is to join and take part in blogging communities like Posting beneficial material on your blog, pinging it and joining blog communities are just a few ways to get traffic to your blog.

Technique # 3: Emailing


Ok, utilizing e-mail marketing to market your affiliate links goes without saying. E-mail goes way back and is still the most beneficial way to promote any direct marketing offer, even though it’s getting harder to pull off successfully.

Before we even look at writing emails, it’s super important that you do something with your “raw” affiliate links. Raw affiliate links look atrocious in e-mails resulting in poor click-through rates.

Long affiliate links may also be broken up when wrapped in the e-mail body. And, raw affiliate links can be hijacked to make you lose out on commissions. You don’t want any of these things moving in the way of your readers clicking on your link.

Considering you don’t have a site of your own, there are a lot of free online url abbreviating services. A free, simple and quick one to use is

OK, now the 1st thing with authoring promo e-mails is the subject line. This will make or break your e-mail crusade. The opening move is to get the reader to open the e-mail, and that’s done with a thrilling subject line.

This is essential to a successful e-mail crusade. If you can seize your prospect’s attention by the “you-know-what” and get them to open your e-mail, you’ve got your foot in the door. It has to strike them like nothing else…virtually. Your subject line has to be better than the other’s in your prospects inbox for that day.

Don’t try to pull a fast one on individuals. We aren’t slow….right? After you have your friendly personal subject line in place, it’s time to write your e-mail body.

You should end the email with a  firm “Call to Action” The most beneficial way is to tell your offer in your subject line the way it is.

You should utilize the prospects first name in the greeting, then begin to introduce your offer. One golden rule of direct marketing is this.

The prospect only thinks “What’s in it for me?” That means you need to list advantages, benefits, advantages and more benefits in your email. Also, make certain to utilize the word “you” throughout your email. Using “I” sparingly gives the reader a sense of personal touch and humanness to the e-mail instead of sounding like a robot wrote it.

i.e. “Go and download this now and see an increase of ABC immediately!”, and add your affiliate link underneath.

Writing compelling e-mail copy is an art. It takes practice and beneficial e-mail copy will help your affiliate marketing efforts many times over poor email junky copy.

So where do you get a list of prospects to e-mail? You’ve probably heard a millionfold “the money is in the list”. It’s true, list owners can pretty much make income on tap when they mail out an offer to their list.

The lucky thing for you if you don’t have a list of your own, is that you are able to borrow one!

What I’m discussing here is buying e-mail advertising. You can do a search for “ezine advertising” on Google and consider a few.
With these services, you can send a few thousand “make money” interested readers with your offer. They can be expensive so you had better establish sure your offer is going to convert and make your earnings.

The other option is to acquire a list of your own for free. There are a  number of free downline/list building sites out there for “internet marketers” that are free to join and utilize. You don’t need a site, as you use their site to build your list. Some are:




You can sign up for these sites free and begin referring other people to the site with your referral link and they’ll go in your downline.

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